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Our business is the software services to 3E Development & Support

Welcome to ASP Tech Services. We are a premier IT consulting having combine 19+ years experience in supporting law firm designed and dedicated to assist corporations which require support on Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Mattersphare, Intapp intergrate, Prolaw etc. We are experts at all aspects of Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Mattersphare, Intapp intergrate, Prolaw and other tools as well.

Based in India, our team has decades of combined industry experience. Our experience working in law, accountancy and financial firms since the 2012 means that we know the daily issues that our clients face, and their solutions. In today's rapidly evolving regulatory and technical environments, we can assist you to meet your goals in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way. We concentrate on what we do well so that you can concentrate on what you do well.

We specialise in developing software, supplying software, and supporting that software. Our focus is assisting legal, professional and financial firms.

Our services

  • Elite Enterprise
  • Elite 3E IDE Customizations
  • Biztalk with Elite 3E Customizations
  • 3E MatterSphere
  • ProLaw 3rd Party Integration
  • EDG Template
  • Intapp Integration
  • 3rd Party Integrations with 3E
  • Database migration, integration and analysis
  • ERP & Enterprise Applications
  • Web & mobile apps Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing